Coulomb Cranked Creature Candle

2017-12-01 11:36 by Ian

Thursday night
5-yo: "Daddy, can I get a night light?"
Dad: "Sure, buddy. I've got all sorts of glowing things. What do you want your night light to be like?"
"Say no more."


Securely wiping data with minimal tools

2016-11-21 23:27 by Ian

This was an email I wrote to some coworkers explaining how I securely wipe data. I am reproducing it here.


The state of my exposure to cryptographic libraries

2016-09-30 14:56 by Ian

This is a quick overview of the cryptographic libraries I have deep experience with.


The Wrongness: Route and Identity

2016-09-25 01:46 by Ian

Of all the species of Wrongness I commonly observe in the wild, the conflation of Route and Identity is of particular concern at layer 7 of the OSI stack.


My collection of C-related rants

2016-09-24 22:54 by Ian

The thing that needs to be made clear is this: C is a permanent fixture. It is not going anywhere in your lifetime. You can use it, or not.


Intro to DTLS

2016-09-24 21:25 by Ian

This post is aimed at technical readers who know what TLS is used for, but may know nothing about its operation. It is also an attempt to explain why DTLS was developed, and how it applies to IoT.


Symmetrical asymmetries

2016-09-24 21:10 by Ian

This is one of a series of posts I will be writing that cover various security-related algorithms. This post will be a brief survey of the two major classes of reversible encryption algorithms.


How will quantum computers impact cryptography?

2016-05-01 21:32 by Ian

This post is an effort to short-circuit some FUD regarding the susceptibility of different classes of cryptographic algorithms to attacks made possible by quantum computers.



Open ports are not a security hole

2015-11-23 22:19 by Ian

What follows is an email I wrote for our sales department, which had to regularly field questions surrounding these issues when our VoIP product came up. The scary thing is that the misconception is most prevalent in the minds of people who should know better (engineers and sysadmins). So here is the most unpopular position you can possibly take in a group of network admins. Maybe it will help someone else dismantle some technical hear-say.



Excursion to the bare-metal: ARM Cortex vs MIPS

2015-11-18 12:16 by Ian

One of the projects I did for Microchip was a feasibility study of porting the ARM Cortex instruction set to comparable routines for MIPS. The ultimate goal for the chipKIT team is/was to port the Teensy3 audio library to their line of PIC32 dev boards. What follows is my report, along with some elaborations for readers who want the knowledge, but aren't yet level 60 mages.



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