Removing a lodged bullet

2014-11-26 11:16 by Ian

If you hand-load your own ammunition, at some point you will likely experience a lodged bullet. This isn’t a big deal if you handle it correctly. What follows is my experience removing a lodged bullet from the barrel of my Dan Wesson .357.

First: Do NOT attempt to clear the bullet by firing another! Doing so will probably damage your firearm, or worse, you. I hope no one reading this needs to be told that. But there you have it just in case.

The first impulse is to attempt to force the bullet out using the nearest stiff object that is capable of fitting inside the barrel. Usually that object ends up being a cleaning rod. It would be best to resist this impulse. Cleaning rods are often hollow, and a hollow rod will buckle under the pressure required to remove a stuck bullet.

The things that you have to consider are this:

A few tips…
Watch your fingers! I crushed my thumb last time I did this. It’s easy to do.
Also, it sometimes helps to use masking tape as a spacer and/or cushion between the rod and the barrel wall to protect the rifling.

Good luck!