Armalite M15

2014-11-26 11:19 by Ian

I just last week completed my rifle’s optics configuration…
My Armalite M15

This is my Armalite M15 with the following optics:
EOTech 512.A65/1 holographic site
EOTech 3X.FTS Magnifier

It is chambered for 5×56mm NATO and .223 Remington. I went to sight it in a few days ago, and am going out later today to have some fun.

My group and I drove out to Table Mesa road on Sunday. The wind was a bit too strong to re-adjust the sighting. I did find my prior adjustments at the range to be slightly wide. I’ll take it out again later in the month when it isn’t so windy.

Table Mesa. Outside city limits:

Members of the group:

One of the guys brought an H&K G3 in .308. This was quite an impressive gun. .308 is a big round.

In fact, it was so big, that one of my friends blew a plate off of the chain holding it to the target stand. It’s barely visible in this photo because it is so far away, but on the extreme left of the image, you can see the target stand with the missing plate. I’m going to guess that the stand was about 400 yards out.

It turns out that I’m not the only one who kept his Ron Paul bumper sticker.

What a good way to burn a day.

Update 05.05.2009:
Installed a quad-rail fore-grip in place of the crappy stock piece. This particular rifle takes an 8.5” grip. Installation was exactly as easy as the advertiser claimed. There is offered a fore-grip removal tool, but this was unnecessary. I was able to remove the stock grip with a simple lever, being careful not to scratch the finish on the rifle. Required tools were only the aforementioned lever and the included hex wrench. Here is a picture as it is currently configured…

And a closeup of the UTG rails…

The stock grip weighed basically nothing, being as it was a sub-millimeter thick steel heat guard inside a cheap injection-molded plastic grip, so this addition adds a few pounds to the business-end of the gun. Expect an increase in weight, inertia, and the consequent effects on maneuverability.

The new grip locks SOLID. It doesn’t move at all, and the rubber covers and thicker cross-section make it easier to grip the gun while sweating, running and/or quickly changing targets. A trip to the range and some trigonometry allowed me to correct the remaining slop in the sight alignment. Since the range is so short (75’ max), I can’t easily test the accuracy at longer range. But my 10-shot grouping had a diameter of about 6 MOA. After the adjustments I made as a result of the analysis, I expect this to be somewhat improved when I next test it.

All things considered, this was a great upgrade. I’d recommend it to anyone over the stock grip.

Took a trip to the range. Here is a photo of a page from my range logbook. This is my best target to date (click for larger):

For reference, the graticule on the target sheet is 1”. All 10 rounds landed within the area of a US nickel. This accuracy easily exceeds the 1 MOA rating of my red dot sights.