Lojban parser

2010-10-28 14:29 by Ian

This article details a component in a volunteer artificial intelligence project. It is responsible for being the linear (as opposed to gestalt) front-end for communication with a human user. It is a PEG parser for a constructed language called lojban (“logical language”) and is written in Java.

Java was chosen for its syntactical similarity to C and its ability to be easily deployed in a web page, thereby saving a potential user the burden of compilation. Certain functions in the program could have been written using external classes, but I kept this to a minimum for the sake of someone who may need to port it to another language.

This article will take the form of a running commentary on this-or-that code, development logs, or anything else related to the subject of artificial NLP.

Here is the source code:

Here is a functional version of the applet: