A parabolic reflector from a directTV dish

2009-02-24 00:39 by Ian

My friend Matt found an old directTV satellite dish and some mylar. This is what we did with it.

The reflector has been covered with the mylar and positioned toward the sun, with about 150mL of water in a mason jar at the focal point. Inside the jar is a black anodized aluminum heat sink. The idea is to focus all the light onto the black surface and allow the metal to transfer the energy into the water.
Parabolic reflector

Matt contemplates what science has wrought.
Parabolic reflector

Ian: “Light is srs bsnss.”
Parabolic reflector

The boiling water. The light falling on the business-end of the heat sink is positively blinding. Holding a finger at the focal point causes immediate pain. It will ignite wood.Parabolic reflector

A top view of the boiling water.
Parabolic reflector