Excursion to the bare-metal: ARM Cortex vs MIPS

2015-11-18 12:16 by Ian

One of the projects I did for Microchip was a feasibility study of porting the ARM Cortex instruction set to comparable routines for MIPS. The ultimate goal for the chipKIT team is/was to port the Teensy3 audio library to their line of PIC32 dev boards. What follows is my report, along with some elaborations for readers who want the knowledge, but aren't yet level 60 mages.



Murum Lux: IPLogika iPack P401 Modules

2015-05-20 02:30 by Ian

This is a brief recount of my experience using the iPack P401 Module.


Arduino library for the MGC3130

2015-05-13 06:38 by Ian

This post will cover the theory-of-operation of a driver for Microchip's weird and wonderful MGC3130 e-field gesture sensor. I will be using Microchip's Hillstar dev kit for the MGC3130, a chipKIT Fubarino Mini, and MPIDE. But the library ought to work with any other Arduino-esque microcontroller provided it has Wire.h.


MurumLux: Overview

2015-05-12 22:20 by Ian

This is a high-level overview of MurumLux (Latin: "Wall of light"). It is a demo piece I built using Microchip's current top-of-the-line microcontroller. The chipKIT team wanted something eye-popping and fun to use for the bay area Maker Faire (May 2015). This is what I rolled for them.