Android --> GZip --> PHP

2013-09-12 05:36 by Ian

Sometimes, you need your android app to ship a large volume of data to a server, and bandwidth is more important than CPU. I ran up against this recently while working on a log-dump function. If the user tries to upload 5000 lines of log, it might be several megabytes of low-density data going over his line.


Integrating OpenVPN into AOSP Source Tree

2011-06-17 06:11 by Ian

This post will focus on installing OpenVPN on an android phone and will cover both building OpenVPN from scratch, and using other people’s static binaries.

Some carriers disable tethering in their branded handsets. This procedure will replace tun.ko, which is typically the absent component.


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ADB, Fastboot and USB permissions

2011-06-08 04:53 by Ian

You will at some point need to be able to use ADB with a device attached to USB. Unless you are sinning, and working as root, you will be denied permission to do this. Here is a quick guide for fixing it…



Custom boot animations on android devices

2011-06-08 04:06 by Ian

Newer android platforms support animated boot screens. In the process of tearing the platform apart, I figured I’d replace the stock animation on my Xoom.