That's just semantics

2022-11-13 23:01 by Ian

Question: Which of the numbers in the following list is smallest?

2, -3, 8, 0

Answer: It doesn't matter, because you will be wrong. And when you argue that you aren't, I'll just dismiss you with "That's just semantics."

The question above has no wrong answer (provided the answer is within the list) because the question itself is made valueless by improper (or insufficient) semantics. Smallest by what standard?
Position in the list? 2 is smallest.
Position on the integer line? -3 is smallest.
Absolute value? 0 is smallest.
Size of the rendering in your browser? 8 is smallest.

If your values are in good-faith to truth, the only appropriate response to "That's just semantics" is:
"Yes, it is semantics. And if you don't resolve them, the discussion cannot progress."

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