Recent breakout boards

2019-07-28 16:46 by Ian

Last month was busy for hardware. I spent most of the month in KiCAD, and OshPark just shipped the last wave. I don't even have everything assembled yet, so expect this page to change as I finish things.

These are mostly parts I've been using for several years, but never had a breakout for. Their driver libraries were written while the part was integrated into a larger project. So driver translation needs to be done for discrete use in (say) an Arduino project.

These will get moved to a more sensible place with documentation and libraries to drive them. But for now, I just need pictures posted.

ADP8866 9-channel LED driver:

Has innate fade effects, programmable current limits, low-side drive, and some other useful register features that make it a great LED driver in a situation where you want to offload the task from the MCU.

ADP8866 breakout

ADG2128 8x12 Analog Switch:

This part costs a lot, but it has excellent properties. +/-5v differential capable, highly routable, and good cross-talk rejection. This is the part at the core of ViamSonus.

ADG2128 breakout

DS1881E Digital Potentiometer:

Zero-cross detection and a logarithmic scale. Perfect for audio.<.br />This part will replace the ISL part that I was using in the first version of ViamSonus because the Maxim part has zero-cross detection. The ISL part was also a linear scale, and after the software trick to present a logarithmic API, the Maxim part also has more granularity.

DS1881E breakout

SX8634 Touch sensor:

This part is somewhat new to me. I've been designing it into a child's toy, and I like it a lot. It has some complicated requirements from the perspective of both physical layout, and application configuration. So I built a version of it that mostly works from the non-configured state, and only needs flashing if the user wants to do something fancy with the GPIO pins.

I have a repository for this board at github.

Touch sensor breakout

MCP3918 ADC:

This is a 24-bit single-channel sigma-delta ADC that appears to have been designed for measuring energy usage on an AC line. It's cheap, can sample at 125KHz (depending on configuration), and has easy-to-understand registers for DC offset and gain corrections.

I actually rolled this back in April for work, but have had a good-enough experience with it that I will probably use it again.

MCP3918 breakout