Professional advice for new engineers

2019-04-02 09:57 by Ian

There has been much ink expended on this topic by people who have thought about the subject more thoroughly than I have. So I won't rehash it here, and I won't pretend my list is complete or will fit all circumstances. I am, however, obliged to adopt some explicit ethical principles in the course of my work, and I've received/developed a great deal of good advice that my formal engineering education either glossed over, or failed to mention entirely.

What follows is a set of perspectives and principles that I have collected at what might be considered the midpoint of my life as a practicing engineer. I've adopted some of them from antiquity (the Hippocratic Oath, the Delphic Maxims), and recast them for my craft. Others are a reaction to particular dysfunctions which I've observed in the wild. Feel free to adopt or discard them. But for whatever it's worth, they have served me well in professional life.