Coulomb Cranked Creature Candle

2017-12-01 11:36 by Ian

Thursday night
5-yo: "Daddy, can I get a night light?"
Dad: "Sure, buddy. I've got all sorts of glowing things. What do you want your night light to be like?"
"Say no more."

No big write-up unless I do something else with it. Right now it is just a 60 watt spectral barber pole to comfort small children. Flexible NeoPixel panels are cheap these days ($40 for an 8x32), and I had an ESP32 and a DC/DC beefcake sitting around idle.

Acrylic vat purchased from Savers for ~$3. Diffusion films from scrapped LCD monitors. Handful of wire and discrete parts to do voltage blocking between USB port and LEDs (forcing LEDs to be powered by wall wart, but micro still usable without it). Maximum draw by spec is ~64 watts.

Modeling time for casing was ~2 hours, and print time was ~26 hours. To paraphrase Blaise Pascal, please forgive the length of this print. I had not time to make it shorter.

Source code at github

Pics or it didn't happen