AT Keyboard Interface

2009-06-15 02:36 by Ian

Another project… The original code has undergone several mutations to fit whatever application needed an AT keyboard interface. The original was written when I was in high school and still on the steepest slopes of the HC11 learning curve, so it’s a tad disorganized and messy. The mutated code I’ve put here is the version that has been re-written to work on the HC11 in expanded mode. Not even pics of this one… I have a version that I use for working with the ColdFire, but it’s kinda buried in data sheets and other crap. Perhaps later.

The lookup table that I employed to convert the keyboard scancodes into ASCII took up a considerable amount of space. The main motivation of re-writing this program for an expanded mode HC11 was to avoid having to use OTP parts. The version of the program that I use as a tool runs on this chip…