2022.07.09: Linear slide bearing from scraps

2022-07-09 11:04 by Ian

I bought the wheels and the hoist, but basically everything else was scraps and spare parts.

Posting it to give everyone a laugh, and maybe an idea for a large linear bearing. If I'd bought all the parts new, the linear bearing assembly would have probably cost ~$300 at Home Depot. It holds my weight comfortably, and translates without creep.

The "Boom" is a 8' section of 2+3/8" galvanized steel fence post (with end-caps that have been drilled and grommetted for the power cable to the hoist). The wheels are rubber, and rated for 350 lbs (presumably for an exclusively downward load). I built the hexagons intentionally too-tight to cause a slight compression of the rubber while the boom is inserted. It glides easily, and even admits (slow) rotation during translation.

The bearing is 1/3 the length of the boom at maximum extension.