Fake News

2019-08-08 21:18 by Ian

I collect fake news, antique propaganda, and general media self-own. This post is provided as a collection of examples of why you should not believe the news.

If you have archive-branded versions of these, or want to contribute to the collection, please send it on over.

There's a tremendous quantity of bullshit out there. And any categorization scheme will fail. But I'll try to keep these grouped by fallacy if possible, and topical second.

Some related sites for helping you inoculate yourself against bullshit:

Contextual forgery:

Omitting context from (usually) visual media that if retained would cast doubt on the claim. Using actors or camera angles to give the illusion of population sizes. Outright fabrication.

Technical editorial fail

I couldn't blame anyone for not knowing how to report on a scientific topic, so these are a little less serious, and a little more amusing.

Clear editorial retraction

Things that got written and passed through an editor that might be... a moment of too much honesty, or a jump to a conclusion, pure click-bait, or someone at the company trying to grow an ergot culture in the coffee machine.


"Wait... but didn't you just say?"

Also, double standards, and outright media racism also might be in here.

"Did you just unironically cite Snopes?"

You should do your own fact checking. Outsourcing it leaves you vulnerable to bullshit if you don't have the patch against argumentum ab auctoritate installed.

Alteration of subject appearance

Changing the way the subject physically appears or presents.

Projection of ignorance and naked bias

Another catch-all category for fake news that any educated reader should dismiss as name-calling.